“Doing nothing is better than being ‘busy’ doing nothing”: Lao Tzu

My friend, Paul Coutinho, is a teacher and spiritual advisor. He’s awesome!

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How often after a very busy day do we find ourselves wondering if we achieved anything significant at all? By the end of such days we feel tired, frustrated and empty. It seems like we were ‘busy’ doing nothing.

Doing nothing is the art of flowing with life and living the way of nature. When we plan our day and then let the Great Spirit be the rudder that navigates our day, the life force that flows out of our being inadvertently gets things done. This is when singers stop singing and let the song come out from the depth of their being; the painting that flows out of an artist and when the dancer and the dance become one.

Children live this natural way of flowing with the rhythm of life. So do Indian villagers who do not have birth certificates, they focus on the mystery of the moment…

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