Wilco, Washington, D.C. via Chicago

Music can help us through the next challenge…especially Wilco!

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What’s your favorite thing about music? What does music mean to you? What’s your favorite way to experience a new album? Do you methodically listen to each track in order or do you hone in on a couple of songs and then branch out as you feel ready?

I recently moved from Ohio to Washington, D.C. and it was a hard change to make. We are molded by our surroundings and I spent a good portion of my 30 years on earth in North East Ohio. I understood how people thought, the culture I lived in, and I felt like I belonged. That wasn’t the case when I first walked onto the streets of America’s Capital, I felt insignificant, like I might not fit it, and certainly didn’t have a place.

But, then it happened…

I started listening to the album “Summerteeth” by a band named Wilco. They are celebrating…

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Middle-aged theology teacher who believes in the best of life's paradoxes. Loves God, Lisa, his family, The Beatles, Wilco, great music, the Chicago Cubs, the University of Florida , Barry University, teaching, photography, the piano, documentaries, Autumn, Clover & India, peacocks, and so much more....
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