Ferguson (for Mike Brown and Darren Wilson…and all of us) (c) John Winston Powell, M.A. 9/28/14

Wilson BrownTwo men but so much more. They are us. At war with one another, they inhabit our souls.

And now all of this…

Righteous anger, prophetic anger, the anger of Jesus in the Temple against the structural sins that go on, seemingly intractable throughout our American experience. Ferg…

Protest with good intent, for much of these weeks; a small amount of people taking advantage, looting for the present, forgetting the future. Ferg…

Reactionary people who can’t live in the world as it is now; holding back their minds from a new community, using good love for our town as a front for racism. Ferg…

People who don’t understand civil disobedience, even some who are doing it.  People intimidating others in the name of justice. Ferg…

Civil authorities confused, making mistakes, trying, deflecting….one step forward, three back, have to keep walking, have to keep reaching out.  Who is to blame?  It’s social sin, it’s not just one person.  Meetings, meetings, more meetings.  Ferg…

But the truth is a multisided question mark everyone is struggling with…except for those who don’t see shades of gray…who can’t see Christ in the “other.” Ferg…

Is this dissonant?  Does it not inspire?  Are you confused?  Yes.

Are you convinced that something is wrong in the system? Yes.

Do you think that we can do better than reading every few weeks about yet another young black man dead at the hands of those who serve and protect?  Yes.

Are we capable of empathy, for the sake of this town and our greater humanity? Yes.

Do you think Darren Wilson wishes he could get back those bullets?  Yes.

Do you think Mike Brown wishes he would have done some things differently on August 9? Yes.

Can you imagine Mike Brown crying from heaven, just saying “Stop and listen to one another!”  I hope you can.

Mike probably touched the heart of the Chief who says, “This is a fucking tragedy…” Ferg…

It’s been that way since the beginning of the country.  The original sin. Ferg…

And what do I do?  The social justice teacher.  Prepare, think, hope that you do the power of the stories justice for young people who may think they are not Ferg…

And what do we do here, in the home of Bella Luna, Lisa and I?  How can we be agents of change?  Change the dynamic, help people discuss the issues with each other on the streets, these streets of change?  Ferg…

We have been chosen.  We step up to the plate. We get ready with our bats, to either hurt or help. Ferguson, Missouri, United States of America.

“And here’s the pitch…”


About johnpowell1020

Middle-aged theology teacher who believes in the best of life's paradoxes. Loves God, Lisa, his family, The Beatles, Wilco, great music, the Chicago Cubs, the University of Florida , Barry University, teaching, photography, the piano, documentaries, Autumn, Clover & India, peacocks, and so much more....
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One Response to Ferguson (for Mike Brown and Darren Wilson…and all of us) (c) John Winston Powell, M.A. 9/28/14

  1. Sylvester says:

    Very, very nice, John. Hopefully it will cause others to just think. Peace to you & yours. – Sylvester

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