VOC and JWP, Summer 1983 (c) John Winston Powell 9/16/14

Here we are…

You, in the prime of your life, wearing one of your many caps and a great smile,

with me at the beginning of mine, 18 and ready for life…

Advice giver extraordinaire, you gave me things to think about, always thinking…

Reflecting in your soul, a soul that was always searching,

searching in the dark crannies of the universe of your head.

I wish I could have given you more. Given you advice, man, something to give you…

some peace? Especially near the end. I wish I had been with you at your end…

and your beginning.

But here, in Florida, decades past, we’re having one of our intoxicating moments.

Stones fans, theology talkers, brothers, that arm of yours making me feel good,

making me feel confident, even as I would migrate from one career to yours, years later, you singing “Congratulations” by the Wilburys to me while we sat at that New Berlin bar,

making up new lyrics that reflected the vagaries of teaching.

Remember when you bought that used library book for me in Olney: “What I Tell You Three Times is True…?”

I was probably eight when you bought it for me and it’s been eight years since you went on…

God, I still think you’re one of the coolest people I’ll ever meet, and I thank you, Vern.john and weird friend (2)


About johnpowell1020

Middle-aged theology teacher who believes in the best of life's paradoxes. Loves God, Lisa, his family, The Beatles, Wilco, great music, the Chicago Cubs, the University of Florida , Barry University, teaching, photography, the piano, documentaries, Autumn, Clover & India, peacocks, and so much more....
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One Response to VOC and JWP, Summer 1983 (c) John Winston Powell 9/16/14

  1. This is beautiful, John. A perfect tribute to a man you clearly admire. I remember how fondly you always talked about Vern.

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