Ode to Nellie on Hearing of Her Death 2/23/13 3/9/13 (c) John Winston Powell, M.A.



Dear Nellie,

You seemed so old when I was a kid, but you had so much more time…

and now you’ve gone on

 to the next life

 at almost 105.

I remember your calming presence in our kitchen in Olney

Always there, once a week, giving Mom her shot

While our mosaic tile clock hummed in the background,

and Dad making an afternoon drink, while you two chuckle…

I remember…

Your house, a great smell, clinical and caring

Your energy, beautiful, serene, devoted

Your mind, open…

Thank you, Nellie, nurse and neighbor

You are our advocate now

Lisa and I pray for you

Please pray for us





About johnpowell1020

Middle-aged theology teacher who believes in the best of life's paradoxes. Loves God, Lisa, his family, The Beatles, Wilco, great music, the Chicago Cubs, the University of Florida , Barry University, teaching, photography, the piano, documentaries, Autumn, Clover & India, peacocks, and so much more....
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