Advice to my friend turning 30…March 16, 2011 (c) John Winston Powell, M.A.

This is a recent birthday wish I wrote for my friend and I think my main wish for him could apply to anybody.  Hope you enjoy!



Dearest Adam,


                When I (John) was 11 years old, an interesting movie came out.  It was called Logan’s Run.  It was about a futuristic society in which everyone had everything they could imagine.  As an 11 year old boy, the endless sexual possibilities presented were overwhelming.  That being said, not everything was perfect.  The tradeoff?  You had to go on Carousel when you turned 30.  Basically, this was a sacramental death ritual where you would be in a robe,, you’d float up the ceiling and be blown up.  However, not everyone bought into the ritual.  (The government promised a type of reincarnation if you went on Carousel).  Logan is a cop.  When he turns 30, he decides to “run.”  Runners are especially detested by the government.  He finds a woman to run with him and gets outside the protective bubble of the futuristic society.  He finds himself in the U.S. even though he doesn’t realize it.  The ruins of an ancient civilization are explored by Logan and Jenny (insert “Adam and Abby”).  They return to the civilization with proof (a really old man, insert Costan here) that people don’t have to go on Carousel at 30.  You can grow old!  And enjoy it! 


                Thankfully, we don’t have to run in order to enjoy our right to live past 30.  I remember turning 30 and thinking, wow, two of the Beatles were 30 when the Beatles broke up and all the things I hadn’t accomplished or enjoyed by that year.  Now, I’m 46 and every year that goes by, I basically think the same thing.  I haven’t reconciled it.  I think that I might be one of the lucky ones who is around when Jesus returns, and thus I won’t have to die and the perfect world will start then.  I don’t have any real advice for you except what you know the Buddhists will tell you:  all you have is the present moment.  Enjoy it.  Every time I come up to you and act like I’m going to hit you, enjoy it.  Every time Costan says some incredibly erudite or curmudgeonly statement, enjoy it.  Everytime Anthony talks about how Costan is full of it, enjoy it.  This is the mantra that I tell myself.  I’ve gone through phases of fear of death and all I can do is stop thinking of it and enjoy Lisa, my cats, music, and Anthony on occasion. How else can I stand the fact that Cubs seemingly will never win the World Series?  Now that will be heaven. 


                You have so much going for you and will advance in age and wisdom, before God and people.  You are a blessing to our community and we are all better off for knowing you.  Please know that you still have some free beer coming from us up in Ferguson.


                Love, in the Sacred Hate (I mean Heart),

                John and Lisa.


About johnpowell1020

Middle-aged theology teacher who believes in the best of life's paradoxes. Loves God, Lisa, his family, The Beatles, Wilco, great music, the Chicago Cubs, the University of Florida , Barry University, teaching, photography, the piano, documentaries, Autumn, Clover & India, peacocks, and so much more....
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2 Responses to Advice to my friend turning 30…March 16, 2011 (c) John Winston Powell, M.A.

  1. Carrie says:

    Glad to infer the office is still running smoothly and everyone is playing their roles. Miss you all.

  2. Brokenfish says:

    It’s not the same without you! Glad you read the post!

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